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AfDB and NDF strengthen partnership to address climate change in Africa

From right: Mr. Sébastien Delahaye Senior Climate Change Officer, AfDB; Mr. Alex Rugamba, Manager, Energy, Environment & Climate Change Department, AfDB; Ms. Veronica Giardina, Senior Cooperation Officer, Resource Mobilization and External Finance Department, FRMB; Ms. Johanna Palmberg, Country Program Manager, NDF; Mr. Pasi Hellman, Managing Director, NDF; and Mr. Aage Jorgensen, Country Program Manager, NDF.

African Development Bank and Nordic Development Fund agree on moving forward with a batch of new projects during a visit to Tunis

NDF visited the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Tunis this week to further promote cooperation on climate change related activities in Africa. The NDF delegation met with Vice President Aly Abou Sabaa, and several directors, sector managers and specialists from energy, environment, climate change, transport, water and sanitation, and private sector departments.

AfDB and NDF have a history of joint cooperation dating back to 1995 that includes both country specific projects and regional initiatives. The most recent cooperation initiative with the Bank consists of the NDF support to a climate change adaptation component in a road project in Mozambique.

Discussions focused on a number of specific climate change related project co-financing opportunities within transportation, water and sanitation, and renewable energy. Of special interest to NDF were opportunities to support innovative approaches and initiatives that also contribute to private sector development. In addition, possibilities for more programmatic or thematic cooperation were discussed. It is envisaged that a number of concrete co-financing projects will be signed in 2014.

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