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Cambodia adapts roads to climate change


Flooding created by increasing annual rainfall is a primary concern for protecting the existing road network and a threat for future investments in the transport sector in Cambodia.

NDF will support a project aimed at reducing the road network vulnerability to climate change with a grant of EUR 4.2 million.
The NDF intervention is part of a larger project, including the upgrade of 500 kilometres of rural roads through pavement, road asset management and capacity development and road safety measures. The climate change adaption activities integrated in the project will strengthen the overall objectives of the project by providing protective measures for the infrastructure and by streamlining adaptation measures for future investments.
The climate change adaption measures aim to reduce the severity of climate change impacts on the infrastructure and to improve planning to prevent and respond to climate change effects. Planned activities include vulnerability mapping of rural roads as well as designing and introducing adaption strategies for roads to improve flood and drought management. Through civil works the resilience of infrastructure can be improved significantly. The plan is also to introduce climate monitoring systems to improve road maintenance and management and to develop pilot programs for early warning systems and emergency management planning for rural roads.
The objective is to establish a model for an adaption strategy which can also be used in other countries in Southeast Asia.
The project will be implemented from 2011–2014 by the Ministry of Rural Development of Cambodia. The Asian Development Bank will act as lead agency and the total project cost will amount to USD 66 million (EUR 46.6 million).
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