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Challenges and opportunities of private sector climate resilience markets

Photo: NDF
Photo: NDF

In May this year, NDF and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) launched the Climate Resilience Markets Project during a large international conference focusing on climate change and the private sector in Cartagena, Colombia. The project will develop a methodology that highlights innovative resilience solutions in the private sector, and is expected to inform and encourage investment, leverage public-private partnerships and target strategies to build the markets around climate resilience across the world.

The attached video from the launch panel moderated by Leena Klossner, Vice President and Deputy Managing Director of NDF, discusses how businesses must interpret the early signs of climate risk, build organisational leadership and invest in effective solutions. The discussion also sheds light on how many private businesses already lead in several sectors when it comes to resilience solutions, and how financing for private sector opportunities is provided through many climate finance facilities. The panel also discusses how much private sector activity is either not known or hidden and thus not reaching the policy makers. It highlights the importance of private solutions that can protect many types of assets, properties and businesses as well as create new business opportunities. The discussion highlights why it is important to study how this market can be more systematically constructed and supported globally.
The conference in Cartagena, Colombia, was co-hosted by the IDB, the MIF and NDF. It brought together over 200 investors, private sector, government and development bank representatives.

If you want to see more videos or presentations from the conference, please visit the website.


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