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Climate adaptation lessons shared with World Bank


NDF experiences in enhancing climate resilience in road transport projects, and working in collaboration with the World Bank and other multilateral development banks, were highlighted at a WB event in Washington D.C.

NDF was invited to the 2016 Transport and ICT Learning Forum (8-10 March 2016), an annual gathering of about 300 World Bank transport experts from around the world.

Managing director Pasi Hellman contributed to a high level panel discussion under the theme "Environmental sustainability, climate change and the stakes for transport and ICT." He emphasised, among other things, the need to have a long-term and sector-wide approach in developing capacity on adaptation issues at the national and local levels, and the importance of always including vulnerability mapping in road projects. The role of development partners, like the WB and NDF, was seen as important in raising awareness and the economics of climate adaptation  among partner country stakeholders.

Mr. Hellman was joined on the panel by WB senior director Paula Caballero, who is responsible for environment and natural resources global practice. The panel was chaired by WB senior director Pierre Guislan, who is responsible for transport and ICT global practice.

NDF's results and lessons learned were further elaborated in a separate session on international experience on adaptation in the road sector. Consultant Stein Hansen focused on the economics of climate adaptation investments in the road sector, while consultant  Markus Eek explained the Cambodian experiences from NDF-funded sustainable rural roads projects.

The NDF-WB collaboration is part of NDF's outreach in disseminating its results with its partners. A joint NDF-AfDB workshop was organised on a similar theme a week ago at the African Development Bank headquarters in Abidjan.