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Climate-smart agricultural practices to be introduced in the GMS

Photo: Guy Marris/Nordeco

NDF is together with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) improving the climate resilience of the farming systems in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS)

Together with ADB, NDF is financing the “Improving Nitrogen-use Efficiency for Climate Change Mitigation in the GMS”. The project aims to reduce the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers in the agricultural sector. At the same time, the project will support the farmers by introducing climate-smart agricultural practices to increase the productivity and build climate resilient farming systems. Focus will be on women and their key role in the agricultural sector.

Most of the global nitrous oxide emissions come from the agricultural sector, particularly from the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers that are commonly used among farmers. In the GMS, the inappropriate farming practices and the excessive use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers have resulted in degradation of arable land. As a consequence, the farmers use more fertilizers and pesticides, which in turn result in deteriorated productivity of agricultural products, decreased food-security and health problems among the farming communities.

The project is expected to reduce nitrous oxide emissions, increase food-security and income among farmers, have health benefits for the farming communities, and have awareness raising influence on the whole sector. Special emphasis will be put on empowering women.

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