NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

Development Today commends NDF’s role in climate change project development


Development Today has interviewed NDF's consultant and former World Bank official Jeremy Warford, and NDF’s Country Programme Manager Aage Jørgensen

Development Today magazine no 19-20/2012 discusses “The art of defining climate projects”.  The article explains the problems of finding good climate projects and explains how NDF tackles the problem. The article refers to a problem of defining and addressing true climate impacts, and how to avoid “re-labelling” of conventional projects.

NDF divides climate change projects into two different categories - adaptation and mitigation - and has developed criteria for projects to qualify as genuine climate projects within these two categories. The criteria set a threshold for a minimum share of costs to be attributed to climate. The article also reflects on NDF’s small size as an advantage in development business and addresses the important role of NDF in introducing climate components into large multilateral development projects.

Read the full article at: http://www.development-today.com/magazine/2012/dt_19-20/opinion

Read more about NDF's screening criteria here .