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Iceland pleased with NDF collaboration

Credit: NDF
From left Pasi Hellman and Permanent Secretary of State Sturla Sigurjonsson

Iceland is not only a shareholder of NDF but also collaborates in co-financing, particularly in the area of geothermal development in Africa and Central America.

NDF Managing Director Pasi Hellman visited Reykjavik to hold discussions on issues of common interest to both Iceland and NDF.
The Permanent Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sturla Sigurjonsson said, "Iceland is very satisfied with NDF and our collaboration." In the discussions, it was noted that NDF, as a joint Nordic organisation, has a value adding role operating in the field of international climate finance. It was also noted that several Icelandic organisations are involved in the various project-level activities funded by NDF, including under the Nordic Climate Facility.
Iceland's representative on the NDF board of directors, Egill Heidar Gislason, is currently chairperson of the board, and in that role also leads the board’s discussions that relate to the steering and future orientations of NDF.