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Invitation to tender EEP Mekong II

hoto from EEP Mekong project: Improving Access to Solar for Rural Electrification in Cambodia by Removing Financial and Technical Barriers

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland invites tenders for a draft Programme Document for the EEP Mekong Phase II.

The EEP Mekong is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) and Nordic Development Fund (NDF). EEP Mekong operates in four GMS countries; Cambodia, Lao PDR; Thailand; and Vietnam. The programme focuses on saving energy, increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. The EEP provides funding for projects, pre-/feasibility studies, institutional and capacity development and information sharing related to the issues. The overall objective of the EEP Mekong is to improve access and promote more efficient use of renewable energy in rural households, livelihoods and SME’s leading to improved access to energy and energy services in the Mekong region and to contribute to abatement of greenhouse gases. In spite of good progress under EEP Mekong Phase I, the need for continued development of national strategies, policies and laws of the partner countries related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste-to-energy is still vast. Phase II of the programme will aim at strengthening the results achieved under the first phase, and at introducing necessary adjustments and improvements in the programme. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland is now inviting tenders for a programme planning assignment to develop and present a draft Programme Document (PD) for the EEP Mekong Phase II. More information Tender Notice NDF Grant No. 1 EEP Mekong Link to NDF Tender Notices