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Launch of climate change educational project for indigenous and Afro-Honduran children

Photo: Scarleth Nuñez, NDF
From left: Mirna Lievano, IDB Country Representative; Carolina Maduro de Villeda, Managing Director, FEREMA; Lisandro Rosales, Regional Delegate, COPECO
Photo: Scarleth Nuñez, NDF
Marlon Escoto, Presidential Delegate for Climate Change
Photo: Scarleth Nuñez, NDF
María Clara Ramos, Coordinator and co-author of the Rise Up Initiative

The NDF-funded "Save the Planet Initiative: An Education Pilot Project on Climate Change for Indigenous and Afro-Honduran communities" launched in Honduras.

Monday February 27 saw the launch of the "Save the Planet Initiative" in the city of Siguatepeque in central Honduras. “Save The Planet Initiative” is a climate change educational project to be based on Rise Up learning materials.

Developed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Rise Up is designed to motivate children and youth to use their creativity toward devising solutions to environmental problems. Through “Save The Planet Initiative”, Rise Up will now be used in schools for indigenous and Afro-Honduran school-children across Honduras and reach more than 11,000 children. The Honduran NGO FEREMA is responsible for the implementation of the two-year project.

The launch event included representatives of the IDB, Nordic Development Fund, Government of Honduras, FEREMA, and local authorities. The event marked the beginning of a special training-of-trainers course that will train 20 facilitators who will be responsible for training 600 teachers from the 150 schools as well as the follow-up and monitoring of the local project implementation.

The IDB country representative Ms. Mirna Lievano de Marques, said in the opening address: "Rise Up is an IDB climate change education initiative that seeks to motivate children and adolescents to use their creativity and energy to achieve viable, sustainable, long-term solutions to climate change. It has instructional videos and a green school kit that teachers and students can use so that children and adolescents can learn about mitigation and adaptation to climate change in their local communities"

"Save the Planet Initiative" is funded by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) with a USD 740,000 grant. The project is managed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and implemented by FEREMA. The project forms part of the ongoing Indigenous Peoples, Renewable Energy and Climate Change Programme in Honduras.

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