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NCF project helps Malawi to prepare for increased flooding

Photo: Arjan van de Merwe UNDP
Flooding in Malawi
Photo: George Ntonya UNDP
Flooding in Malawi

Heavy rainfall in January and February this year led to extensive flooding in Malawi. UN reports that 1.1 million people are affected, almost 300 people died or are still missing, and 230,000 people presently live in temporary shelters.

Through the Nordic Climate Facility, NDF has together with the Finnish Red Cross financed a disaster preparedness and early warning system project in Malawi from 2012-14. The project helped people living in high-risk urban and semi-urban areas in Malawi, namely in Lilongwe City  and Salima Township, to prepare for weather-related risks. The project was the first experience for Malawi Red Cross in working with climate change adaptation in urban areas. New ways of communicating early warning information were explored through, for example, text messages.

The improvement of the early warning services was facilitated through the support of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) in close cooperation with the National Meteorological Services (NMS), the government and other main stakeholders at various levels. The early warning systems were tested in real situations. In general, improved weather forecasts and early warning systems make people better prepared to cope with weather related risks.

In this short film, different people from Malawi tell how they assist communities with preparations for flood-related risks. The film was recorded in Malawi 2014 by Finnish Red Cross Field Communication Unit.