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NDF’s efforts in the transport sector featured in a recent newsletter

Photo: Michael Coghlan

The SLoCaT Partnership on Sustainable Transport is a global multi-stakeholder partnership of over 80 organizations that promotes sustainability in the transport sector.

The SLoCaT newsletter for April-June 2014 mentions three recent projects co-financed by NDF and Multilateral Development Banks. In Mozambique together with the African Development Bank NDF is financing part of the Nacala Road Corridor III Project that aims to manage climate impact threats to road development.

In cooperation the Asian Development Bank and the Ministry of Rural Development, NDF is co-financing the Rural Roads Improvement Project II that focuses on reducing climate vulnerability in a number of Mekong river villages in Cambodia. NDF is also co-financing a technical cooperation project to establish a Transport NAMA Support Facility in Asia.

Read more about SLoCaT and NDF’s projects from the newsletter:
April-June 2014

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