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NDF at COP 19: Adaptation in the transport sector

Photo: Deputy Director Leena Klossner presenting NDF adaptation initiatives in the transport sector. At stage from left: Rafael Acevedo, Inter-American Development Bank; Aymen Osman Ali, African Development Bank; Evangelos Mitsakis, Hellenic Institute of Transport;  Annete Lutz, GIZ; Carlos Fuller, Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre; and Mikko Ollikainen, Adaptation Fund.
Deputy Director Leena Klossner presenting NDF adaptation initiatives in the transport sector.

Transport Day at COP 19 saw NDF presenting some of the lessons learnt from support to adaptation in the transport sector

Transport Day took place on 17 November 2013, in Warsaw, Poland, alongside the nineteenth Conference of the Parties (COP 19) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Transport Day focuses on rethinking transport and climate change and it brought together 250 transport specialists, government representatives, researchers, business leaders, and international organisations.

NDF Deputy Director Leena Klossner presented NDF experiences with support to adaptation in the transport sector in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Ms. Klossner highlighted some of the early lessons learned such as systematic use of cost-benefit analyses, strengthening maintenance procedures, and using a multi-sector approach for adaptation in the rural roads sector.

Transport Day was a one-day event where participants during the morning attended a panel discussion on sustainable transport as a key building block of sustainable low-carbon development, then dispersed into four break-up groups on the mitigation potential of the transport sector, policy making on sustainable, low carbon transport in the developing world, ensuring effective nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) for transport, and integrating adaptation in transport policies.
During the afternoon, participants continued in their break-out sessions, with the addition of a discussion on sustainable, low-carbon transport financing, and a roundtable panel reporting back on these discussions. This was followed by a panel discussion on developing a message to the UNFCCC negotiators on sustainable, low-carbon transport. The day concluded with the adoption of the Warsaw Statement on Low Carbon Transport and Sustainable Development, which was followed by an evening reception.


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