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NDF presents latest results on NAMA development in climate conference in Lima

Photo: Martina Jägerhorn

A process towards reaching a global climate agreement is being facilitated in UNFCCC Conference of Parties during the first two weeks of December 2014 in Lima, Peru (COP20).

Climate change is discussed in the United Nations Framework for Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties during the first two weeks of December 2014 in Lima, Peru (COP20). NDF is also present and contributing as speaker in several events linked to COP20.

The first event to which NDF is contributing is the UNFCCC’s side event on Practical Insights on National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) Development and Financing Options organised jointly by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam on 5 December 2014.

NAMAs are large-scale host country driven emission reduction actions that are supported and enabled by international and domestic financing, technology, and capacity building. NAMAs are expected to develop into an important mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to enhance economic growth towards a low carbon development.

The side event aims at contributing to the international debate on NAMA development when it comes to designing, implementing and financing NAMA. NDF has gathered practical insights from its ongoing NAMA activities including from supporting the development of a cement sector NAMA in Vietnam under the Nordic Partnership Initiative on Up-Scaled Mitigation Action (NPI) (NDF C34). NPI was initiated in 2010 by the Nordic Working Group for Global Climate Negotiations (NOAK).

NPI is also benefiting from the NDF-ADB co-financed project Support to the National Target Program on Climate Change with a Focus on Energy and Transport (NDF C18) - the first project that has been completed in Vietnam under NDF climate change grants.


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