NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

NDF targets focused climate change adaptation and mitigation activities in Bolivia


NDF is supporting Bolivia's work on climate change adaptation and mitigation

In the Sajama National Park in Bolivia llama herding communities can feel the impact of a changing climate through declining water resources which affect the sparse grazing areas for their livestock. The surrounding glaciers are disappearing and this leads to less water for these highland communities who depend on the glacial melt for domestic water and irrigation.

The Bolivian NGO Agua Sustentable works with the herding communities in the Sajama National Park on improving water resources management as a climate change adaptation measure. This is done through small-scale, low-cost, efficient water infrastructure works. The project is financed by the Nordic Climate Facility. A major infrastructure project to supply water to the growing needs of El Alto, the most populated and fastest-growing city in Bolivia, is underway financed under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). The water intake about 70 km from the city will change the water regime of the downstream agrarian communities. NDF intends to finance a project to study the physical and social impacts, to prepare an adaptation action plan, and to implement the most urgent adaptation measures in these communities. The project would be implemented as an additional component to the PPCR project and in close consultation and collaboration with the local communities, municipalities and the Ministry of Environment and Water.

The project will benefit many other highland communities which face water shortage problems caused by melting glaciers. NDF also supports access to energy in rural areas through renewable energy alternatives in Bolivia. Together with the Vice-Ministry of Alternative Energy, the IDB and through the Rural Electrification Program, NDF finances installation of solar and wind based energy systems in remote rural areas.

These projects and Bolivia’s overall development plans were discussed when an NDF delegation, led by Managing Director Pasi Hellman, met with the government representatives, development partners, NGOs and other stakeholders during 3-5 February 2013 in La Paz.  Bolivia’s Minister for Development and Planning, H.E. Viviana Caro, indicated her and the government’s content on the support given by NDF. Both parties agreed to continue close cooperation on discussing future role of NDF to support the country’s work on climate change adaptation and mitigation.