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Nine projects pre-approved in EEP Mekong

Photo: Hannu Eerola

The EEP Mekong launched a first Call for Proposals in December 2009 and the response to the first call was extremely positive.

The Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) Mekong (2009-2012) aims at supporting wider provision and use of renewable energy by facilitating renewable energy and energy efficiency related cooperation, dialogue and experience sharing among different public and private sector stakeholders. A first call for Proposals was launched in December 2009 and the response to the first call was extremely positive. The EEP Mekong received a total of 162 proposals which were evaluated by a team of evaluators in March 2010. Vietnam submitted 54 proposals, while Lao PDR submitted 39 proposals, Cambodia 32, Thailand 17, and there were 20 regional proposals (two or more countries). One proposal was received from Indonesia but was considered ineligible as Indonesia is not a partner in EEP Mekong. The majority of the proposals focus on renewable energy projects utilizing various RE technologies: solar, wind, biomass, bio gas, bio fuel, and waste to energy. Additionally, a number of proposals are studies on energy efficiency. Activities proposed by the projects developers are varied from feasibility studies, pilot and demonstration projects to capacity building and studies. Overall, the call reflected strong interest among proponents to develop projects in a wide variety of field of activities, including biomass, biogas, bio-fuel, hydro, solar, wind and in some cases, the combination of two or more RE applications. The highest number of proposals was in hydro, followed by biogas. However, if all biomass-related projects are combined, including biomass gasification and combustion, biomass constitutes the largest field of activity. The high number of capacity building proposals indicates that there is a strong need for this activity in the region. The Steering Committee of the “Energy and Environment Partnership in Mekong” pre-approved nine project proposals in their second meeting held in Cambodia on 3-4 May 2010. The proponents of these projects are expected to prepare a full project proposal for official approval, before project contracts are signed and implementation can start. EEP Regional Coordination Unit (RCU) will contact these proponents directly and give instructions on how the proposals will be processed. Additionally, RCU will advice the proponents on possible changes/amendments required in the workplan, financing or budget details when developing the full proposal. More information: EEP Mekong