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Seminar on Innovative Climate Financing Mechanisms brought together professionals to discuss experiences in Helsinki

From left Avril Benchimol (MIF), Patrick Doyle (IDB), Steven Reed (IIC), Fernando Jiménez-Ontiveros (MIF) and Pasi Hellman (NDF)

At the seminar on Innovative Climate Financing Mechanisms organized by NDF and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group in Helsinki from 4 to 5 November discussed a variety of concrete climate financing models of which several are already being funded and implemented by NDF in co-financing with the IDB group.

Financing models presented included for example publicly backed private sector financing models,   funding opportunities for energy efficiency, private sector adaptation financing as well as green microfinance.

The seminar was attended by over 60 professionals from a variety of institutions, including multilateral and bilateral development financing institutions, governments, the private sector and research institutions.

The second day of the seminar focused on further discussion on opportunities for scaling up and regional replication of successful financing mechanisms in Africa and Asia. Participants noted the importance of sharing lessons learned and experiences between different regions and institutions in the climate financing focused on developing countries.

NDF’s collaboration with the IDB Group in innovative financing mechanisms was described by Mr. Ignacio Corlazzoli Hughes, Alternate Director of the IDB Office in Europe, to “constantly challenge standard approaches, and push us towards the next frontier.” NDF hopes to play a role in facilitating transfer of these experiences to, and support similar activities also in, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.


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