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Senegal: Water and sanitation millennium project (PEPAM)


NDF supports integration of climate change aspects in water and sanitation programme in Senegal.

The World Bank PEPAM project aims at increasing access to sustainable water and sanitation services. The NDF contribution shall strengthen the climate change aspects of the PEPAM project by increasing the use of renewable energy, decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases, and supporting a more efficient use of water resources for enhanced food security and livelihood. NDF will finance the development of methane gas electricity generation as well as the extension of a system supplying treated wastewater for irrigation.
NDF provides EUR 4 million in the period 2010–2015 and the NDF contribution is closely linked with the implementation and monitoring of the World Bank PEPAM project. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance/National Sanitation Agency of Senegal (ONAS). The total budget for the PEPAM project is USD 55 million.
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Water and sanitation millennium project (PEPAM)