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Support to Water Resources Management in Cambodia


NDF provides a grant to assist the Cambodian Government to mainstream climate change concerns in water resources management.

The NDF Board has approved a EUR 3.0 million grant to integrate climate change into the new Water Resources Management Project (WRMP).
The future impact of climate change on water resources and agriculture in Cambodia, as outlined by the IPCC, includes changes in weather patterns affecting temperature, rainfall and wind in terms of intensity, duration and frequency.  In particular, the delta of the Lower Mekong River Basin is considered particularly vulnerable because of the combination of flooding, sea level rise and large populations in this area. Less rainfall is anticipated during the dry season and more rain during the wet season, with more frequent extreme weather events. Seasonal water shortages and floods may become worse. These changes are expected to affect natural ecosystems, agriculture and food production, and exacerbate the challenges of sustaining national food security in Cambodia, which relies heavily on its natural resources for food and livelihoods.
The recorded changes indicate a clear need to include adaptation measures into the national water resources management in Cambodia which is now being addressed through the multi-donor Water Resources Management Program (WRMP).
The proposed program will assist the Cambodian Government in a very comprehensive way to reform its water resources management both on the policy and operational levels. The activities consist of a sector based program financed by ADB and Opec Fund for International Development (OFID), as well as of an attached technical assistance (TA)  suggested to be financed by ADB, NDF and AusAID. This sector development project will support the process of (i) strengthening national water sector policy, the regulatory and institutional environment; (ii) improving integrated water resources management (IWRM) performance in river basins, focusing on the Tonle Sap basin and the Strung Treng sub-basin; and (iii) strengthening irrigation services in a selected area of the Tonle Sap basin.
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