NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

Thomas Heller from Climate Policy Initiative visits NDF

From left: Tom Heller, CPI and Pasi Hellman, NDF

NDF brought together some thirty participants from NDF, NEFCO and NIB, as well as representatives from the Finnish government ministries and other stakeholders, to focus on climate finance issues post-Paris climate summit.

Thomas Heller, Executive Director of the Climate Policy Initiative, gave a rich presentation on the global landscape of climate finance, and how climate finance increasingly needs to be a part of the post-Paris international climate negotiations. Paris represents a paradigm shift, Heller argued and, with particular focus on energy and agriculture sectors, explained how that shift needs to be put into action -- that  the ways that food and fuel are being produced needs to change. The presentation also shed light on how the differences in costs of “green” versus “brown” investments have become significantly smaller over time, which has enabled rapid growth in green financing. There is an important and natural role for public financing institutions, and in the developing countries also a specific role to help overcome some of the barriers for private financing to flow to climate and development investments.
In separate discussions between NDF and CPI, areas for possible collaboration were explored. It was also noted that the CPI-OECD joint report on global climate finance in 2015, for the first time included NDF in its data. NDF and CPI agreed to continue discussions around issues and activities of mutual interest, particularly on innovative climate finance.

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