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World Development Report 2014 presented to NDF, NIB and NEFCO

From left: Rasmus Heltberg and Pasi Hellman

NDF hosted a presentation event where Rasmus Heltberg from the World Bank presented the World Development Report 2014 to NDF, NIB and NEFCO.

NDF arranged on 22 November 2013 a special presentation of the new World Development Report 2014 titled “Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development”. Participants in the presentation event came from Nordic Development Fund (NDF), Nordic Investment Bank (NIB), and Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO).

Rasmus Heltberg from the World Bank in Washington D.C. presented the analytical approach, findings, and main messages of the WDR 2014. He highlighted how effective risk management can be a powerful instrument for development by saving lives, averting economic losses, unleashing opportunities, and helping people build better, more secure futures.  Mr. Heltberg is a Lead Evaluation Officer with the World Bank and a member of the core team for the World Development Report 2014. 

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