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We offer challenging and varying tasks in a dynamic working environment in NDF's office in central Helsinki.

The Nordic Development Fund now seeks a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist. This position is new and part of the Quality Assurance and Reporting department within NDF.

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In a tree nursery in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam, a Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) project supports local women in growing more sustainable and inclusive livelihoods – one seedling at a time

With funding from NCF and the support of NEPCon, Spark and SEPON, a nursery in the Cam Lo district has joined an innovative and comprehensive project in the province.


Loan financing stemming from the EEP Africa Catalyst window will accelerate REDAVIA’s C&I Solar Leasing Model with SMEs in Ghana and Kenya

NDF launched the EEP Catalyst window in 2019 as a pilot to provide follow-on debt financing to successful companies from the EEP Innovation grant portfolio.
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NDF launches first-of-its-kind study on private-sector climate resilience solutions


EEP Africa achieved its full operational stride under NDF management in 2019 with a growing portfolio of 45 projects and expanded focus on women in leadership and local entrepreneurs

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The NDF-funded project has the potential to help Bangladesh Railway reduce CO2 emissions and black carbon by as much as 3 million tons cumulative up until 2030 and by around 450,000 tons per year after that.

In partnership with ADB, NDF has completed a round of technical assistance as part of a larger upgrade program by the state-owned Bangladesh Railway, which could have far-reaching environmental, social and economic gains for the country.

Supporting the Nordic agenda to Build Back Better and Green (BBBG)
As the pandemic is changing the world in unprecedented ways, NDF is focusing on activities in supporting resilience to climate change and to Build Back Better and Green (BBBG).
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NDF, African Development Bank (AfDB), UNDP and Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) will share the costs of the design, capacity-building, and capitalisation of Rwanda Catalytic Green Investment Bank (RCGIB)


The new strategy will focus on strong Nordic leadership in addressing climate change and development challenges

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The following two projects, funded by IDB together with NDF, show how early warning systems are helping small farmers in Latin America prepare and adapt to volatile and extreme weather patterns related to climate change, with far-reaching results

1. Proadapt Gran Chaco (Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia)

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The project funded by the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) achieved positive impacts in energy security and enhancing climate resilience in Karachi, Pakistan

The NCF-project Introducing renewable energy solutions to enhance energy security and build climate resilience in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, completed last year, aimed at enhancing energy security and climate resilience by providing


Year 2019 shows NDF is an impactful player and a tool for Nordic financing in climate change and development 

In 2019, NDF continued to build its portfolio of high-impactful projects to fight climate change.

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Significant results in a recently completed geothermal project has lifted up possibilities in expanding the collaboration to cover also land restoration and sustainable management of land

The Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs and NDF have collaborated with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in the area of geothermal energy in a program that has recently been completed.

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Final evaluation and lessons learned find positive impacts of investments in climate-resilient development in two recent projects in Mozambique and Nicaragua

Resilience and adaptive capacity of coastal community livelihoods enhanced in Mozambique


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19, the Nordic Development Fund has taken a number of actions in order to protect the staff and to ensure business continuity

The safety and wellbeing of our staff are of prime importance. Consequently most of NDF’s staff, including staff members who have returned from travel abroad, are working remotely. All business travel has been suspended.

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NDF and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will finance support for the preparation and implementation of the New Linear Park between La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia

NDF has approved a booster grant of EUR 500,000 that will contribute to the preparatory studies and technical assistance as part of the preparations of a new major IDB-supported investment program “Parque Lineal entre La Paz y El Alto - Tha

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NDF together with The Asian Development Bank (ADB) as Fund Manager, is formally announcing the launch of ADB Ventures (ADBV), a new venture capital and technical assistance facility to boost start-ups in Asia Pacific with impact technology solutions that address climate change and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Framing the challenges and opportunities

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As climate change is making flooding worse in Vietnam, Cold Flood Barrier provides a solution

Due to its location, Vietnam will be dramatically affected by climate change.

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Forests of the World, in partnership with Ceiba Tourism Chamber of Commerse, and sponsored by NDF and IDB, is working with indigenous communities in Pico Bonito, Honduras to conserve forest ecosystems through a combined focus on land rights, forest monitoring, conservation and nature-based climate change resilience management, as well as bird tourism

“You could call it a series of pilot actions that all tie together around this one beautiful diversity-rich area of forest,” says Jakob Kronik, Director of International Cooperation, Forests of the World.