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The benefits show in improvements of the soil as well as improvement in personal health.

Climate-friendly, green farming initiatives have taken root in farming communities across Myanmar, leading the way for healthier, more environmentally friendly agricultural practices to develop across a region that is heavily reliant on chemical


NDF Board approved EUR 4 million in financing to the Lake Victoria Basin Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production project during its latest meeting in Helsinki.

The latest project approved by the NDF Board reinforces NDF’s commitment to supporting private sector-led green growth in the East Africa region.

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MD Pasi Hellman represents NDF as a panelist of development partners at the GMS ministerial conference in Thailand.

"Spurring inclusive growth along the GMS economic corridors" was the theme of the 21st ministerial conference of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) countries, held in Chiang Rai, Thailand, from 30 Nov to 1 Dec 2016.

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The seminar was arranged by the Nordic Council of Ministers and co-hosted by the Nordic Investment Bank.

A workshop with the topic “New Nordic Climate Finance” brought together around 70 professionals from the Nordic countries including finance specialists from both the private and the public sectors in Helsinki this week.

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NDF gladly acknowledges that a project by the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) receives a prominent climate award.

The 2016 Best Climate Practices Award given by the International Center for Climate Governance was this year awarded to the project Clean Energy Promotion through Microfinance in Ethiopia.


Job opportunity at the Nordic Development Fund

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) is an international financing institution focusing on development and climate change projects and programmes in low- and middle-income countries.


NDF supports awareness-raising of its climate change investments

Twenty students from Åbo Akademi University’s Faculty for Social Sciences, Business and Economics visited NDF on Friday 25 November 2016 to acquaint themselves with NDF’s core activities.


In the last days of the annual UN climate summit, COP22, NDF participated in events particularly focusing on the financing and implementation of the national commitments made in Paris.

"From commitments to actions" was the theme of an event that focused on Latin America.


At the ongoing climate summit in Marrakesh, Morocco, NDF presents its activities and achievements in selected climate finance events, together with its co-financing partners, and with particular focus on Nordic climate solutions.

At a side event organised by the Nordic Council, the parliamentary assembly of the Nordic countries, on Tuesday, discussions focused on climate investments and resilience in African LDCs.

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The Nordic Partnership Initiative Pilot Programme for Supporting Up-Scaled Climate Change Mitigation Action in Vietnam’s Cement Sector, also called the Cement NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) project was completed in June 2016. The results were presented in a UNFCCC side event at the COP22 in Marrakesh in November 2016.

The cement NAMA project has established a database for Vietnam’s cement sector and defined main components of the NAMA conceptual framework which includes baseline and mitigation options, Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) set-up, lega

Bridge collapse at Licungo river in Mozambique during the floods in 2015

Release of new report co-financed by he Nordic Development Fund (NDF) on the implications of climate change on transport infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa

Roads are a key asset for Africa. They connect villages to economic centres, people to hospitals, children to schools and goods to markets facilitating trade.

An illustration from the cover of the newsletter Climate in Focus 2/2016.

NDF has published Climate in Focus 2/2016

This issue of the Newsletter focuses on the outcomes of NDF projects around the world as NDF's climate-related portfolio matures and results become visible.

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Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers writes in his blog "Climate finance and the path to green transition"


Today marked the official launch of the project: Resilience of the Blue Economy and the Coastal Ecosystem in Northern Honduras—MIPESCA

Tegucigalpa 1 November 2016.

Photo: Erick Kaglan, Togo

The regional platform will bring together expertise and funding to manage the West African coastline.

The coastal area of West Africa is home to 31% of the West African population and produces 56% of the sub-region’s GDP.

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Private sector involvement will stimulate job creation and income generation for smallholder farmers.

Last Friday in Washington, NDF’s Managing Director and IDB’s Manager for Outreach and Partnerships Director for Partnerships signed the financing agreement for NDF support to the Climate-Smart Agriculture Fund, an initiative led by the IIC to sti

Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT), Creative Commons. http://bit.ly/2eubOdC

African Water Facility (AWF) releases a new publication featuring its co-finance collaboration with NDF to build climate resilience in the water sector across Africa.

NDF grant financing has enabled AWF to assume a leadership position on building climate resilience in the water sector across Africa.

Farmers’ group in Nalang Village, Dhading District learn how to make biochar

Green growth and climate resilient development – these goals were not foremost in the minds of pumpkin farmers in Nalang Village, Dhading District when they agreed to join field trials for producing and applying their own organic fertilizer.

Photo: ADB

Several hundred experts and decision-makers from the fields of transport and international development gathered last week in Manila, Philippines, for the biennial Transport Forum arranged by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The theme of this year’s forum was sustainable transport.

As part of its climate change and development mandate, NDF has over a number of years focused on sustainable transport including both mitigation and adaptation-related activities.

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New multi-donor fund will help ADB prepare climate responsive infrastructure investment projects in Southeast Asia

During a visit to the ADB, NDF Vice President and Deputy Managing Director, Leena Klossner, and ADB Director General for the Southeast Asia Department, James Nugent, inaugurated the Project Readiness Improvement