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Photo: Johannes Jansson (NORDEN)

Nordic Council consistently supports NDF

Over the past couple of years, the Nordic Council – whose membership consists of members of the Nordic national parliaments – has on several occasions discussed the topic of climate change.


Norad invites to adaptation seminar and book launch

The results of an adaptation research project financed by NDF will be presented in Oslo.


A publication on climate change adaptation and development released

The book is a result of a two-year project to strengthen the social aspects in adaptation research and approaches. The project is led by Fridtjof Nansen Institute in Norway.


The Minister met with NDF's management and staff.

The Finnish Minister for International Development Sirpa Paatero visited NDF on Tuesday 16 December 2014.

Photo: Aage Jorgensen

The UN climate award is an important recognition for NDF and the MIF.

The EcoMicro program, funded together by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF), was announced as a winner of the Momentum for Change UN climate award on 25 November.


The Nordic Development Fund was one of the 14 development financiers who jointly launched the Geothermal Development Facility (GDF) for Latin America yesterday at COP 20.

EU Commissioner for Climate Action Miguel Arias Cañete, German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller and Vice-Minister for Energy Edwin Quintanilla of Peru led the launch of the new Geothermal Development Facility


Transport Day 2014 at COP 20 in Lima had NDF contributing to sessions on mitigation and adaptation

Transport Day took place on 7 December 2014, in Lima, Peru, alongside the twentieth Conference of the Parties (COP 20) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


A process towards reaching a global climate agreement is being facilitated in UNFCCC Conference of Parties during the first two weeks of December 2014 in Lima, Peru (COP20).

Climate change is discussed in the United Nations Framework for Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties during the first two weeks of December 2014 in Lima, Peru (COP20).

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Nordic Climate Facility’s fifth Call for Proposals (NCF5) with the theme of Climate Resilience in Urban and Private Sector Contexts is open until 30 January, 2015.

Letter of Invitation and NCF5 Description and Pre-Qualification Guidelines are found below as well as on the online application platform www.ncfapplication.org.

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The position is for a fixed-term of 5 months on hourly basis starting from the beginning of year 2015

NDF is seeking a trainee for a period of 5 months. The work is carried out 2-3 days/week. A successfull candidate may be offered a full-time work during the summer.


NDF has approved a EUR 5.0 million grant for Aquaculture and Climate Change in Mozambique.

The project will assist Mozambique to pilot and develop a sustainable aquaculture model to build social, economic and environmental resilienee, improve cross-sectorial coordination and disseminate best practices in Mozambique and in the region th


Read the latest NDF Newsletter and an updated version of NDF in Brief.

In the newsletter you can read about EcoMicro, a project co-financed by NDF, winning the UNFCCC Momentum for Change - Lighthouse Activity Award 2014.


Grant financing of EUR 3.1 million by NDF has been approved for Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems and Sustainable Livelihoods for Coastal Communities.

The project will address mangrove degradation and loss through enhancing information and knowledge of existing mangrove ecosystems.


NDF has approved EUR 5.0 million grant financing to support the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project.

Together with the International Development Association (IDA) NDF is co-financing the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project in Tanzania.


The Nordic climate Facility (NCF) aims at building partnerships between the Nordic countries and NDF’s partner countries on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Four million euros have been allocated on 25 November 2014 by the Board of Directors of the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) for a fifth Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) Call for Proposals with the theme Climate Resilience in Urban and Private Sect

Photo: EcoMicro

EcoMicro is a technical cooperation program designed for Latin American and Caribbean microfinance institutions.

EcoMicro, the USD 7 million programme, co-financed by the Inter-American Development Bank's Multilateral Environmental Facility (MIF) and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) has been selected as a winner of the UNFCCC M

Photo: Aage Jørgensen

World Bank and NDF discuss new climate change initiatives

A delegation from NDF visited the World Bank (WB) in Washington DC on 19-20 November 2014. The purpose of the visit was to review the existing cooperation initiatives and discuss possible new opportunities for co-financing.

Photo: Jeff Attaway / CC 2.0

NDF reviewed climate change activities co-financed by NDF and the World Bank during the first two weeks in November 2014

Two of NDF’s four ongoing projects were reviewed together with the World Bank: the Flood Risk Management Project (called Stormwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation project by the World Bank), and the Second Sustainable and Participat

From left: Pasi Hellman, Managing Director of NDF, Luis Alberto Moreno, President of IDB, Leena Klossner, Deputy Director of NDF

IDB and NDF sign an agreement for support to the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative and renewable energy in Honduras.

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) will provide a contribution of EUR 4 million in continued support to the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative (ESCI) in Latin America.