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How the private sector can turn climate risk into business and investment.

On November 10, NDF participated in “Climate Resilience as a Business”, an event organized in Bonn during the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 23) to the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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Development and launch of the first private sector investment strategy for climate adaptation and resilience.

NDF has approved financing of EUR 500,000 to partly finance the preparation activities and establishment of   the Climate Resilience and Adaptation Finance and Technology Transfer Facility (CRAFT).


African Guarantee Fund (AGF), International Trade Center (ITC), and Nordic Development Fund (NDF) team up for 3rd Green Finance Conference.

Following successful green finance events in Lusaka and Nairobi earlier in the year, a third conference on the theme will take place in Accra, Ghana, on 21 November 2017, with the joint sponsorship of AGF, ITC and NDF.

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14 November, 15:00 - 16:30
Delivering SDGs and NDCs in Africa:
Clean Energy Investments through Public-Private Collaboration

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NDF’s role in climate finance was discussed at the meeting of parliamentarians.

The annual assembly of the Nordic parliamentarians, the Nordic Council’s 69th session, provided  a question hour for the parliamentarians with the Nordic development ministers.  On Wednesday, Karin Gaardsted, memb

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Iceland is not only a shareholder of NDF but also collaborates in co-financing, particularly in the area of geothermal development in Africa and Central America.

NDF Managing Director Pasi Hellman visited Reykjavik to hold discussions on issues of common interest to both Iceland and NDF.

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New clean energy infrastructure brings water closer to households.

NDF Uganda Country Program Manager Charles Wetherill joined teams from the Ugandan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and

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The last two stops of the Nordic Climate Facility’s (NCF) Nordic road show were held in Stockholm and Copenhagen on 6 and 8 September. The objective of the road show was to promote the facility’s 7th call for proposals. In both cities, the presentations drew the attention of a large number of people from the private sector, NGOs and academia.

The events were organised in collaboration with local counterparts. In Sweden, these were Smart City Sweden and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. In Denmark, NCF partnered with the Confederation of Danish Industry.

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Final evaluation and impact study find positive impacts of investments in disaster risk reduction and climate change awareness in Nicaragua.

The Disaster Management and Climate Change Project, completed earlier this year, aimed at reducing damage linked to climate change in two watersheds in northern Nicaragua.

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On 1 September, the Nordic Development Fund organised an event in collaboration with Promote Iceland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland to introduce the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) and its current, 7th call for proposals. The event drew an audience mostly consisting of Icelandic private sector organisations intending to target developing markets.

Emeli Möller, Manager of the Nordic Climate Facility, presented information related to the 7th call, including eligibility and selection criteria, as well as guidance on how to apply.

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Recent report captures the renewable energy financing landscape for 15 countries in Southern and East Africa and points the way toward added value for the next phase of the Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) in the region.

Ensuring universal access to clean energy is at the core of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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On 17 August, nine Nordic and Finnish financing organisations took part in an NDF event on financing modalities for business in developing countries.

The purpose was to present different financing instruments available to Finnish companies and organisations who intend to do business in developing markets.

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Two new Nordic equity investments will support African countries to increase their clean energy production. The Nordic Development Fund and Norfund have approved a total of USD 19 million of equity investments in responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding (rAREH). Other investors in rAREH are Germany’s KfW and Switzerland’s responsAbility.

responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding (rAREH) aims to increase the renewable energy supply in Sub-Saharan Africa in a responsible way while generating attractive, long-term and stable cash flow

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Climate change does not affect everyone equally. Poor and disadvantaged groups of people often suffer the most, and women in particular are vulnerable and struggle to adapt.

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A Nordic Development Fund (NDF) grant will support a new fund to help African cities plan climate-resilient urban infrastructure development

NDF’s Board of Directors has approved an EUR 4 million grant for the Urban & Municipal Development Fund for Africa (UMDF), a project preparatory fund to be established by the African Development Bank (AfDB).


The successful green finance conference held in Nairobi on 21 June raised interest also among the media on green finance.

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In the Cambodian countryside, NDF- and ADB-funded paved roads and water reservoirs carry a multitude of benefits for communities.

A series of rural roads and water reservoirs built across Cambodia have brought new strength to communities struggling to fight extreme weather conditions caused by climate change.

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NDF’s Board has approved a EUR 0.5 million grant for the Kikuletwa Power Station and Hydropower Training Centre in Tanzania.

Only 24 percent of households in Tanzania have access to electricity. The problem is especially severe in northern Tanzania, where Kikuletwa River is situated. While Tanzania has significant hydropower potential, most is yet to be developed.


The 2016 Annual Review for the Nordic Climate Facility's calls 1 to 4 has been published.

The Annual Review covers calls 1-4, which are administered by NEFCO. At the end of 2016, 36 out of 51 NCF1-4 projects were fully completed.


Nairobi, Kenya, 21st June 2017: Access to finance for SMEs is the answer to growing a green and economically sustainable future for Africa.

In a continent where Green Finance has been unreachable for numerous SMEs, the conversation on the opportunities in the region could not have come at a better time.