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A brief introduction to the cooperation between Asian Development Fund (ADB) and Nordic Development Fund.

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Read about Nordic Climate Facility’s activities during 2014 in the Annual Review.


Change - Climate - Mitigation - Adaption - Finance - 2015−2016

The special report includes articles about energy efficiency boosters in Latin America, geothermal energy explodes in Kenya and greener traffic in the Mekong subregion.


The following publication contains the main conclusions and recommendations from the NDF-financed publication: Climate Change Adaptation and Development - Transforming Paradigms and Practices, Routledge 2015


The Nordic Climate Facility promotes the transfer of technology, know-how and innovative ideas between the Nordic countries and low-income countries facing climate change.

Financing can be provided to partnerships between Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden) organisations who have local partners in one or several of the 27 eligible developing countries listed by the Nordic Climate Facility.


This review summarises and analyses the progress made by the Nordic Climate Facility during 2013.


The review summarizes and analyses the progress of the Nordic Climate Facility during the year 2012.


An independent evaluation of the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF).


Evaluation of NDF’s Progress under the Climate Mandate.

In May 2011, NDF’s Board of Directors decided to initiate an external evaluation of NDF’s progress under the climate mandate.


A brief introduction of the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF).


A brief introduction of the Energy and Environment Partnership Program (EEP) - Mekong.


This report presents the results of an ex-post evaluation of solar panel energy systems in a component in a national education programme in Honduras (Ref: NDF 350).


This report deals with an ex-post evaluation of solar powered water pumping systems in one of the sub-components in a poverty alleviation project in Senegal (ref: NDF 286).


The report analyses and evaluates NDF's Mining Sector Development and Environment Project (ref:NDF 156) in Ghana.


The report analyses and evaluates NDF's Mineral Sector Development Technical Assistance Project (ref:NDF 277) in Tanzania.