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The NDF supported GREENPYME program has concluded a series of training workshops in Central America

The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group, and BAC|CREDOMATIC NETWORK (BAC) joined forces to hold a series of training workshops for over 40 BAC credit officers in Costa Rica, El

Photo: Jørgen Schytte/Danida

NDF provides a grant to reduce the vulnerability of regional infrastructure assets to climate change

The NDF Board has approved a EUR 0.6 million grant to support the integration of a climate change dimension to the previously conducted Africa Infrastructure Diagnostics Study (AICD).


NDF provides a grant to review infrastructure investments to identify opportunities for climate-friendly improvements

The NDF Board has approved a new project that will support a review of infrastructure investments in Central America and propose actions to make them more climate-friendly.


Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Solar Energy Packages for Health Centres

The Government of Uganda has received a Grant from the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) toward the cost of the Project for Increasing Access to Modern Energy Packages in Rural Areas under the framework of the Energy for Rural Transformation (ERT) Pr

Participants and trainers in energy efficiency course at the National University of Engineering in Managua.

The Nicaraguan Centre for Cleaner Production (CPML) with trainers from Motiva Services Oy completes a week-long training course on energy efficiency.

NDF participated in the last day of a week-long course on energy efficiency at the National University of Engineering (UNI) campus in Managua.

From left: Mr. Aage Jørgensen, Country Program Manager, NDF; Mr. Alberto José Guevara Obregón, Minister of Finance, Nicaragua; and Mr. Hannu Eerola, Country Program Manager, NDF.

NDF has signed an agreement with the Government of Nicaragua to finance renewable energy studies in a new energy sector program

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) has signed an agreement with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Finance to support a renewable energy component in the multi-donor National Sustainable Electrification and Renewable Energy Program (PNESER).

Hannu Eerola from NDF during his presentation of the GreenPYME project at the EEP XVII Regional Forum in Guatemala

NDF gave two presentations at the EEP XVII Regional Forum in Guatemala

The 17th Regional Forum in the Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America took place from the 30 March to 1 April 2011 in Guatemala City.


EEP Mekong Third Call for Proposals is now closed

The third call for proposals under EEP Mekong closed March 11, 2011. In total, 105 applications were received.

Mr. Mikko Ollikainen, Adaptation Officer at the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat

An official from the Adaptation Fund in Washington visited NDF to discuss selection of climate change projects

Mr Mikko Ollikainen, Adaptation Officer at the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat visited NDF March 22, 2011.

A deep hole was created on national road no. 6 in Senegal in July 2010 resulting from the rain runoff

Eligble companies invited to submit an Expression of Interest

The Road Administration Agency in Senegal AGEROUTE now invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from eligible companies for: Pour l’assistance technique à l’AGEROUTE-Sénégal dans la prise en compte des effets du changement climatique


The shortlist has been made for Nordic Climate Facility’s second call for proposals

The NCF team has reviewed the 176 applications received for the second call for proposals and 40 applicants have been shortlisted and invited to present a final proposal.

 Photo: Nana Reimers/Danida

NDF provides a grant to study the economic costs of climate change in Central America

The Board of NDF has approved support to the multi-donor program The Economics of Climate Change in Central America which is being carried out with the joint efforts of the Ministries of Environment and Treasury in the concerned countries


Supply of Solar Energy Packages for Water Supply Schemes

The Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) in Uganda now invites bids from eligible companies for:


The Call is open 17 January – 11 March 2011 and covers proposals for Renewable Energy, Waste-to-Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects

For the third time, the Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) with Mekong region is seeking proposals for these types of projects.

Urban adaptation to climate change was one of the themes for the second call for proposals

The Second Call for Proposals to the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) closed on Friday 14 January 2011.

The proposals kept arriving right untill closing time at noon, Helsinki time, Friday 14 January.


14 new projects were pre-selected during EEP Mekong Fourth Steering Committee Meeting held in Luang Prabang on December 16-17, 2010.

The Second Call for Proposals in the EEP Mekong was open in the period 2 August to 15 october 2010. A total of 105 proposals were received and out of these 81 were found to be eligible.


NDF provides a grant to assist the Cambodian Government to mainstream climate change concerns in water resources management.

The NDF Board has approved a EUR 3.0 million grant to integrate climate change into the new Water Resources Management Project (WRMP).


The NDF Board approved on its meeting December 14 2010 a EUR 3.1 million grant to promote renewable energy based on locally available biomass resources in ways that are not only cost effective but also contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptatio

In the Greater Mekong (GMS) region, over 255 million people living in rural areas have limited access to modern forms of energy.  Large numbers of people in Laos (92%), Cambodia (85%), and Vietnam (56%) continue to rely on fuel wood and agri


The NDF Board has approved a EUR 4.0 million support to include climate change adaptation into the Transport and Urban Mobility Project (STUMP) in Senegal.

The objective of the proposed NDF adaptation component is to develop the capacity of relevant stakeholders in Senegal to climate-proof road infrastructure planning, design and maintenance.


The ProClimate Facility supports climate friendly investment projects by providing guarantees that will close remaining financing gaps and so complete the financing plan.

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) has provided EUR 10 million for the ProClimate Facility (ProCF) which establishes and pilots a partial climate guarantee and technical assistance facility.