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Awarded NCF Projects

Photo: Simon Sticker, Plan International
Making final adjustments to a ceramic water filter. Photo: Suzanne Chew
Photo: Heli Sinkko
Nakawa market in Kampala, Uganda. Photo: Kari Hämekoski
Photo: Heli Sinkko
Photo: Simon Sticker, Plan International
Photo: M-Payg ApS
Photo: Differ AS
Country Project Project Ref. Nordic Partner

Projects under the Seventh Call

Testing innovative green business consepts

Bangladesh JutePP -the sustainable material for plastic products C96 Juteborg Sweden AB
Bolivia Using Beneficial Microorganisms to Mitigate GHG & Build Resilient Dairy Farming in Bolivia C96 Biosa Danmark ApS
Burkina Faso Digital Technology for Climate Change Adaptation for Burkina Faso Smallholders C96 Ignitia AB
Cambodia Shifting the Market to Clean and Efficient Stoves and Fuels C96 Differ AS
Kenya A New Cookstove and Fuel for East Africa’s Under-served Small Businesses in Kenya C96 Emerging Cooking Solutions Sweden AB
Kenya Greening Tea Factories in Kenya: Using Absolicon Solar Collectors in Tea Process C96 Absolicon Solar Collector AB
Malawi Solar Housing Systems for Malawian Farmers C96 M-PAYG ApS
Nepal New and Affordable Building Materials Promoting Sustainability in Nepal (NABIN) C96 DanChurchAid
Sri Lanka Innovative climate decision-support tools for enhancing SME resilience in Sri Lanka C96 UNEP DTU Partnership
Vietnam Improved business through seasonal forecasting for coffee in Vietnam C96 University of Copenhagen
Vietnam Reducing the negative impact of flooding on the Vietnamese society C96 Cold A/S
Zambia Testing biochar-pigeon pea agroforestry businesses in Zambia (ClimChar Zambia) C96 Menon Economics AS
Zambia Solar solutions for African smallholder farmers in Zambia C96 Solar Village AS

Projects under the Sixth Call

Green growth for sustainable livelihoods

Bolivia Increased resilience to climate change through enhanced local green growth development in Bolivia C83 Forests of the World
Burkina Faso Promotion of solar PV cooling in Burkina Faso C83 Danish Technological Institute
Lao PDR Encouraging Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Investments through Private Sector Engagement in Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) and Small-scale Water Supply Infrastructure in Laos C83 Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
Mozambique Climate-Friendly Cold Storage for Artisanal Fisheries in Mozambique C83 Ocean Excellence Ehf.
Danish Forestry Extension
Rwanda Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in a Changing Climate in Bugesera District C83 SMHI
Uganda C83 Strømme Foundation
Uganda Growing Resilient Agricultural Enterprises (GREAN) in Uganda C83 Vi Agroforestry
Uganda Improving climate resilience for small-scale coffee farming systems in Uganda through modeling of adaptation and mitigation potential in the coffee value chain C83 NIRAS
Vietnam Improving rural livelihoods in the North Central region in Vietnam through innovative development of supply chains for energy-efficient cook stoves and wood from sustainable sources C83 NEPCon

Projects under the Fifth Call

Climate Resilience in Urban and Private Sector Contexts

Bangladesh Community Driven Climate Adaptation - Making Sustainable Climate Adaptation Solutions Accessible to the Urban Poor C82 B1 Plan Denmark
Bolivia Technology, adaptation and mitigation: Greening the economy of urban agriculture at Kanata metropolitan area, Bolivia C82 B 2 Diakonia
Kenya Climate Resilient Low Cost Buildings in Marsabit County, Kenya C82 B 3 HAMK
Nepal Building Resilience and Climate Adaptive Planning in Urban Centres of Nepal C82 B 4 Arbonaut
Pakistan Introducing Renewable Energy Solutions to Enhance Energy Security and Build Climate Resilience in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan C82 B 5 WWF Sweden
Vietnam Exploiting the Synergies between Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and Urban Farming in Vinh Yen City, Vietnam C82 B 7 NIRAS
Vietnam Implementing Incentives for Climate Resilient Housing Among the Urban Poor in Vietnam C82 B 8 Vista Analyse

Projects under the Fourth Call

Inclusive Green Growth Projects Contributing to Private Sector Development

Ethiopia Clean Energy Promotion through Microfinance in Ethiopia C62 B 1 Gaia Consulting
Regional Latin America Roadmap to Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions in the Livestock Sector of Honduras and Nicaragua C62 B 2 UNEP DTU Partnership
Vi Agroforestry
Kenya Creating Green Local Economy through Commercial Production of Biomass Briquettes from Agro-Industrial Residues in Kenya – “Green Economy Partnership” (GEP) C62 B 4 Norges Vel
ORGUT Consulting
Kenya Leveraging Markets for Climate Friendly Sustainable Development, in Laikipia, Kenya C62 B 6 NEPCon
Mozambique Waste recycling in Mozambique through the establishment of Waste Transfer and Recycling Centres: Testing concept and formulation of bottom-up NAMA C62 B 7 NIRAS
Senegal Piloting REDD+ Monitoring and Non-Wood Forest Product Value Chains to Mitigate Green House Gas Emissions in the Rural Communities of Bandafassi C62 B 8 Arbonaut
Tanzania Reduction of Greenhouse Gases and Deforestation Related to Food Processing in Sub-Sahara Africa C62 B 9 Matis
Uganda 3Ws Innovative Water Solutions C62 B 10 Aqua Unique Norge
Uganda Sustainable Consumption and Production of Biofuel in Uganda C62 B 11 Aalborg University

Projects under the Third Call

Innovative Low-cost Climate Solutions with Focus on Local Business Development

Bangladesh NAMA and Innovative Energy Optimisation in the steel sector in Bangladesh C3 D 1 Viegand Maagøe
Bolivia Promoting Cañahua in the Andean Highland: a Highly Nutritive Crop with a Great Market Potential, Adapted to Extreme Climate Conditions C3 D 3 University of Copenhagen
Burkina Faso Ecological Food Processing Unit C3 D 4 DTU
Cambodia Cambodian Farmland Carbon (CAFACA) Project C3 D 5 NORDECO
Regional Asia Scaling up Low Carbon Household Water Purification Technologies in the Mekong Sub Region C3 D 6 Finland Futures Research Centre
Ghana Biomass Green Briquette Fuel (GBF) Production (BidiePa) under Kitchen Efficiency Programme C3 D 7 C.F. Nielsen
Ghana Pilot Project: Efficiency Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Development in Sustainable Biomass Charcoaling in Ghana C3 D 8 Pöyry Management Consulting
Ghana Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) for Resilience to Climate Change Impact on Water Availability in Ghana C3 D 9 SINTEF
Kenya Business Development Closing the Rural-Urban Nutrient and Carbon Dioxide Cycles C3 D 10 Niras Natura
Regional Africa ADAPTea: Climate Change Adaptation for FAIRTRADE Tea Producers in East Africa C3 D 11 Vi Agroforestry
Malawi Mainstreaming Climate-Smart Agriculture in Solar Irrigation Schemes for Sustainable Local Business Development C3 D 12 DCA
Nepal Developing low community based innovative solutions to mitigate and adapt with climate change while creating viable local business solutions C3 D 13 Danish Forestry Extension
Tanzania From Waste to Local Business Development and Vigorous Soil C3 D 14 Norges Vel
Tanzania Sustainable Charcoal Business Development C3 D 15 Gaia Consulting

Projects under the Second Call

Renewable Energy and Urban Adaptation

Bolivia Financing Sustainable Energy through Remittance Flows to Bolivia C3 C 1 Gaia Consulting
Bolivia Urban and Industrial Waste to Energy - Promoting Sustainable Energy in Bolivia C3 C 2 KTH
Ethiopia Fuel from Waste: Demonstrating the Feasibility of Locally Produced Ethanol from Household Cooking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia C3 C 3 SEI
Malawi Stenghtening the resilience of people living in high risk urban and semi-urban areas to weather related disasters C3 C 4 Finnish Red Cross
Mozambique Increasing climate resilience in Maputo, Mozambique - GIS tool for urban adaptation to climate change and flood risk C3 C 5 COWI
Nepal Promoting Renewable Energy Technologies for Enhanced Rural Livelihoods C3 C 6 FCG
Regional Africa Enhancing sustainable energy supply for tea factories C3 C 7 Pöyry Management Consulting
Rwanda Karisimbi Geothermal Prospect C3 C 8 Reykjavik Geothermal
Sri Lanka Climate Resilient Action Plans for coastal urban areas C3 C 9 NIVA
Uganda Sustainable Renewable Energy Businesses in Uganda C3 C 10 Norges Vel
Vietnam Adapting Urban Construction Plans to Climate Change in Vietnam by the use of Strategic Environmental Assessment C3 C 11 DCEA
Vietnam Building technology in urban flood & inundation forecasting to be applied for an operational early warning system in the Hanoi City, Vietnam C3 C 12 DHI Water & Environment

Projects under the First Call

Water Resources and Energy Efficiency

Benin  Scaling the Solar Market Garden C3 B 1 Naps Systems
Bolivia Adapting to Climate Change in Bolivian Andean Communities Depending on Tropical Glaciers C3 B 2 Diakonia
Regional Africa Fuel Efficient Stoves in East Africa: Reducing Emissions and Improving Livelihoods C3 B 3 CARE Danmark
Ethiopia GHG Mitigation and Sustainable Development through the Promotion of Energy Efficient Cooking in Social Institutions in Ethiopia C3 B 4 Gaia Consulting
Ethiopia Demand Side Management for Climate Change Adaptation for the Ethiopian Power Sector C3 B 5 HIFAB
Ghana Climate-Proofed Water Conservation Strategies in Northern Ghana C3 B 6 DHI
Ghana Energy Efficient Recycling of Electric and Electronic Scrap, E-Scrap C3 B 7 Raw Materials Group
Kenya Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change through Environmentally Sustainable Water Resources Management in Isiolo District C3 B 8 Danish Red Cross
Kenya Building Adapative Capacity to Climate Change C3 B 9 Orgut Consulting
Kenya Providing Assistance for Design and Management of Appropriate Water Harvesting Technologies in Arid Lands C3 B 10 Niras Natura
Kenya Enhancing Capacity for Adaptation to, and Mitigation of, Climate Change in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya C3 B 11 Solvatten
Kenya Mount Elgon Integrated Watershed Management Project C3 B 12 Vi Skogen
Nicaragua Strenghtening National Capacities on Energy Efficiency in Nicaragua C3 B 13 Motiva
Uganda The Bukaleba Charcoal Project C3 B 14 Green Resources