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Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project - Institutional Strengthening for Urban Climate Adaptation and Mitigation [NDF C71]

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The project will be the first in a series of engagements to transform Dar es Salaam into a future megacity that meets the urgent infrastructure demands for basic services, urban mobility and flood control

Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project - Institutional Strenghtening for Urban Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
Ref: NDF C71

EUR 5.0 Million
Project Period: 2015-2020
Partner Agency: International Development Association (IDA)

The Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project will address the key urbanisation challenges; it is focused on improving services to the poor related to housing planning, access to residential occupancy rights, urban mobility and curbing the informal sector as well as improving other basic infrastructure. The project will capitalise on the new World Bank-financed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, improving connectivity and coverage, while developing strategic transport and growth corridors. The project will be implemented within the four local authorities in Dar es Salaam (the three municipalities and the city council) and with other institutions such as TANROADS and the Dar Bus Rapid Transit System (DART). Priority investments that support the objectives of the project have been identified and prioritised with the Government of Tanzania.

NDF financing will be targeted to Institutional Strenghtening, Capacity-Building, and Urban Analytics.  Under these topics, activities related to urban resilience and land-use planning and transport solutions are included.

3c. Support for Integrated Transport and Land-use Planning: This component, through planning and technical support, will help maximise the benefits of the BRT system along the first BRT route and follow-up corridors, by introducing transit-oriented design, station area development plans, and developing a Corridor Development Strategy. The component wili also provide just—in—time technical assistance to DART (and related organisations supporting the BRT and planning) during its start-up phase. Analytical work wiil be carried out to address metropolitan sprawl and informal growth, especially from the climate change perspective.

3d. Strengthening of Operations and Maintenance Systems: This sub-component will strengthen the capacity of the Government (including concerned Ministries, Departments and Agencies) and the Dar Local Authorities (DLAs) to plan, deliver, operate and maintain public infrastructure and services. Identified tasks include developing a drainage master pian and road maintenance management systems for DLAs. The new GIS systems will help support this work. New ICT technologies may offer more cost-effective means to support O&M, so innovation pilots will be encouraged. On NDF’ s request, capacity-building will be extended to environmental authorities as well.

The total project cost is estimated at USD 350 million, comprising an IDA Credit of USD 300 million, co-financing from NDF of ca. USD 6 million (EUR 5 million) and an estimated USD 44 million contribution from the Government of Tanzania.

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