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Integrating Climate Change Adaptation to Transport [NDF C25]

The project aims to improve road connectivity adaptive to climate change impacts

Transport Connections in Northern Mountainous Provinces - Integrating Climate Change Adaptation to Transport
Ref: NDF C25

EUR 2.0 million
Project period: 2012-2017
Partner agency: Asian Development Bank
Project completed in February 2016. Actual disbursed amount EUR 416,168.47.


The impact of the ADB project will be reduced poverty and enhanced economic activities in the project areas. The outcome will be improved road connectivity adaptive to climate change impacts. The outputs of the ADB financed project are: (i) rehabilitation of priority provincial roads totalling 307 km, (ii) reduced life-cycle costs on selected project roads, (iii) reduced vulnerability of project roads and enhanced awareness among PPC staff on potential climate change impacts, and (iv) enhanced awareness of potential social problems brought about by improved connectivity. The NDF support will co-finance output (iii) as identified above. The NDF activities will be streamlined into ADB output (iii) above through the following activities:

  1. Capacity building of provincial staff;
  2. Vulnerability mapping of the six mountainous provinces selected for the project;
  3. Identification and prioritisation of adaptation approaches and vulnerable sections along selected roads for rehabilitation;
  4. Detailed design to increase the resilience of the selected project road infrastructure to climate change;
  5. Policy strengthening.


Total cost of the project will be EUR 83.1 million, of which NDF will provide EUR 2.0 million, ADB EUR 57.5 million and Government of Vietnam EUR 23.6 million.

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