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NDF 7: Solar solutions for African smallholder farmers

Photo: Solar Village AS
A Solar Village cotton farmer using the Battery Stick to work on his field
Photo: Solar Village AS
The Solar Village Battery Stick is promoted during a cotton farmer meeting in the remote Luangwa Valley
The project will empower 9000 rural Zambian smallholder cotton farmer families by enabling them to buy climate resilient, energy saving and productivity enhancing agricultural and solar technologies using a micro-finance mechanism.

Solar solutions for African smallholder farmers
Ref: NDF C96

Nordic Partner: Solar Village AS
Local Partner: Alliance Ginneries Ltd
Other Local Partner: Conservation Farming Unit
Total Project Cost: EUR  1,270,094  
NCF Financing: EUR  500,000  
Agreement Signed: 11 June 2018
Project type: Combination
Duration: 30 months

The project seeks to demonstrate the commercial viability of a business model bringing together Solar Village, a Norwegian manufacturer and distributor of solar solutions for African smallholder farmers, Alliance Ginneries, a cotton company working with 50,000 cotton farmers in Zambia, and the Conservation Farming Unit, an organisation promoting conservation agriculture among Zambian smallholder farmers, to equip and train large numbers of farmers with climate-friendly and agricultural productivity enhancing solar technologies using a micro-finance mechnanism.
The partners will combine technology specfically developed for smallholders, existing infrastructure in the cotton sector, as well as expertise about climate-smart agriculture to reach 9000 rural Zambian farmer families in a scalable and cost-effective way. The project will lead to increased incomes among farmers, enhanced levelihoods and a positive environmental footprint.


Expected key results
• 9000 solar powered Battery Sticks, 4000 solar powered agricultural sprayers, and 2250 energy efficient cookstoves sold sold to farmers with micro-financing mechanism
• 500 rural Solar Village sales agents recruited and trained earning EUR 70,000 additional income
• 4000 farmers trained in climate smart agriculture and resilient farming practices
• 7800 tonnes of CO2e saved