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A New Cookstove and Fuel for East Africa's Under-served Small Businesses in Kenya

Photo: BURN Manufacturing Kenya Limited
Photo: BURN Manufacturing Kenya Limited
Making a new cookstove and fuel for East Africa's under-served small businesses accessible.

A New Cookstove and Fuel for East Africa's Under-served Small Businesses in Kenya
Ref: NDF C96

Nordic Partner: Emerging Cooking Solutions Sweden AB
Local Partner: BURN Manufacturing Kenya Limited
Other Partners: Stockholm Environment Institute US Center
Total Project Cost: EUR 720,040
NCF Financing: EUR 494,297
Agreement Signed: 3 October 2018
Project type: Combination
Duration: 18 months


As charcoal, which is a main driver of deforestation in Kenya, becomes more expensive there is a business opportunity in providing a renewable fuel to the country’s many small business kitchens. BURN, who designs and manufactures industry-leading improved cookstoves for households in Kenya, has developed  an improved stove for the commercial market that can leverage the advantages of biomass briquettes.   However many business cannot afford the current offerings outright and a number of business models for will be tested to find an economically sustainable model.

The project aims to refine the stove and the business concept, while preparing both for commercial launch.   If successful, the venture will save 480,000 tons of wood, reduce 856,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted, and save $5.3 million in fuel costs that will allow the small businesses to grow, offering their services to more people and providing job opportunities in their local communities.

Expected key results

  • The development of an improved cookstove that targets small business and can use sustainable biomass as a source fuel.
  • A viable business model for both the stoves and biomass fuel delivery.
  • A strengthened value chain within East Africa fo leveraging these technologies and fuels.