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West Africa Coastal Area Erosion and Adaptation [NDF C77]

Photo: Jbdodane Creative Commons
The strong inter-state linkages between coastal ecosystems along the West African shoreline call for a coordinated and integrated approach to climate change adaptation, development planning and resource management in the littoral zone, as coastal areas continue to attract major economic and demographic growth. NDF’s activities contribute to the collective response needed to address the above-mentioned challenges and threats.

West Africa
Coastal Area Erosion and Adaptation
Ref.: NDF C77

EUR 0.5 million
Project period:2015-2017
Partner Agency: the World Bank

The project aims at addressing technical, economic, and institutional factors with the aim of enhancing regional and national governance in the target countries and improving their knowledge base about coastal erosion, flooding, and other climate change hazards along the coastlines.  It will also serve as the first building block of a future technical assistance and investment program in the West Africa coastal area. Project activities include: 1) Building Awareness and Ownership; 2) Improving the Knowledge Base; and 3) Analysing Economics of Climate Change.

The project will assist selected countries in West Africa (Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo) in strengthening their institutions and developing appropriate interventions which will strengthen the resilience of the private and the public sector to climate related impacts. NDF’s support will improve availability, management and exchange of climate related data and knowledge thus increasing the efficiency of the World Bank’s and other partners’ support to climate change in the region.

NDF will provide EUR 0.5 million

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