NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

Projects: Africa

Photo: Alex Berger, Creative Commons Licence
The project will improve climate resilience of water and sanitation infrastructure in rural communities, and mainstream climate change in the forthcoming national water and sanitation strategy.
Photo: Heli Sinkko
The project will support farmers to implement Climate Smart Agriculture and establish sustainable farmer enterprises for the adaptation to and mitigation of climate change
Photo: Heli Sinkko
The project will contribute to secure livelihoods for small-scale farmers and mitigation of climate change in the semi-arid county of Laikipia
Photo: Tuomas Rantanen
The project will contribute to the fight against rural poverty, the restoration of natural forests and prevention of soil erosion in rugged landscape.
Photo: Jbdodane Creative Commons
The strong inter-state linkages between coastal ecosystems along the West African shoreline call for a coordinated and integrated approach to climate change adaptation, development planning and resource management in the littoral zone, as coastal areas continue to attract major economic and demographic growth. NDF’s activities contribute to the collective response needed to address the above-mentioned challenges and threats.
Photo: Kari Hämekoski
Reduction of greenhouse gases and deforestation related to food processing in sub-Sahara Africa
Photo: Kari Hämekoski
Strengthening resilient and inclusive green growth by advancing clean energy technologies through business development in the micro finance sector in Ethiopia
The project will improve water measurement, water sale and water use efficiency in adaptation to climate change
The primary objective of the project is to develop and pilot an integrated aquaculture model for building social, economic and ecosystem resilience to climate change in selected Mozambican coastal communities involving the private sector. The aim is to replicate it nationally and in the region and involving the private sector.
The project will be the first in a series of engagements to transform Dar es Salaam into a future megacity that meets the urgent infrastructure demands for basic services, urban mobility and flood control.