NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

Projects: Latin America

The general objective of PROADAPT is to increase the climate resilience of micro, small and medium-sized (MSME) companies and the local communities in which they operate, while also looking for new business opportunities for MSMEs.
The objective of the NDF component is to complement the IDB Rural Electrification program with renewable energy solutions including hybrid energy systems and solar applications.
The NDF financed component of the Road Sector Support Program will focus on development of adaptive capacity and integration of climate change aspects into planning and design of road transport infrastructure.
The main objective of the programme is to scale up energy efficiency measures and investments in SMEs through awareness raising, capacity building and financial support.
The intervention will increase the local knowledge and skills in specific aspects related to geothermal potential, exploration, planning and utilisation.
The programme aims to introduce and develop a commercially viable biogas market in Nicaragua that will improve the incomes, livelihoods and quality of life of rural farmers and their families through the benefits of biogas technology.
The main objective of this project is to support climate strategy and climate change project identification in cities in three countries of the Latin America: Honduras, Nicaragua and Bolivia.
The goal of the ECOMICRO program is to facilitate the use of green finance instruments by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) as well as low-income people.
The main objective is to provide input to policy development and identify feasible investment projects in climate change adaptation in the water sector in Latin America through case studies
Funds from NDF would be used to finance feasibility studies in Central American countries to identify opportunities for climate-friendly improvements among SCF’s clientele.