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EOI biochar systems in Nepal

Saturday, 2 November, 2013
ADB invites Expressions of Interest for consultants on biochar systems

NDF is financing a pilot project that tests the climate change benefits of biochar in rural Nepal. The project is an add-on component to an on-going Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (SPCR) project, Mainstreaming Climate Risk Management in Development, lead by the Asian Development Bank. The objective of the pilot project is to test biochar production as a climate change adapting soil amendment, carbon sequestration method, and rural energy source in Nepal.

ADB is now requesting Expressions of Interest for consultants under the biochar component.  The assignment will support the TA's additional component on sustainable rural ecology for green growth, particularly on biochar systems, energy systems, economic analysis and project management.

The full EOI and applying instructions can be found under the link below:

ADB Consultant Management System »

The deadline for submission of EOI is 02 November 2013.

For more information on the project

Pilot Project to Test the Climate Change Benefits of Biochar [NDF C55]