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EOI short-term consultancy on transport and climate change

Friday, 11 September, 2015
Short-term consultancy assignment to undertake a desk study of NDF support to climate change adaptation in the road transportation sector: Lessons learned and best practices

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) is a multilateral development finance institution owned by the five Nordic countries. NDF was established in 1989 and provided during its first two decades almost 200 concessional credits to low-income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America with a total value of approximately one billion euro. Energy and transport were the main sectors for these investments and in total NDF provided almost 275 million dollars to 32 road infrastructure projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The projects consisted typically of investments in new road construction, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing roads, plus other types of transport infrastructure such as bridges.

In 2009, the NDF mandate was changed to providing grant financing for climate change related interventions in low-income countries. With the new climate mandate NDF took the opportunity to continue support to the transport sector but now with the objective of making road transport systems more resilient to the potential impacts of climate change and extreme weather events.

NDF currently supports eight projects on three continents with a total budget of more than EUR 30 million. While these projects may have both similarities and differences in design they all share the same overall objective of developing capacity and tools to address climate change adaptation in the road infrastructure sector.

Based on the existing portfolio, NDF wishes to contract a consultant to assess and systematize documentation from the individual projects to distill common patterns of these wide ranging initiatives and compare interventions across the portfolio. The basic rationale is to learn from existing NDF experiences and use these to inform, share, and improve future programming and support, not only of NDF’s own projects but also of our partners and national governments.

The overall objective of the assignment is to systematize the NDF transport and adaptation portfolio experiences, assess major lessons learned and identify emerging best practices and state of the art research results on how to adapt road transport infrastructure to the potential impacts of climate change and extreme weather events.
Another objective will be to assist in dissemination of the NDF experience and best practice through collaboration with The Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) and provide policy recommendations to the planned SloCat paper on Adaptation and Resilience in the Transport Sector. 

Scope of contract
The assignment is a desk study to be undertaken by an individual consultant. A launch meeting will be arranged in Helsinki. The assignment comprises a total of 25 working days including time for preparation, data collection, interviews, and reporting.

Areas of competencies required by the consultant include transport and climate change adaptation, incl. economic and technical issues, as well as extensive experience regarding institutional capacity building approaches and poverty reduction. The consultant should demonstrate relevant experiences from reviews and/or evaluations including multilateral institutions and preferably experiences with portfolio analysis. The consultant should furthermore have knowledge of relevant NDF strategies and support modalities.

How to apply
Application and CV should be sent by e-mail to: jobapplications@ndf.fi no later than 11 September 2015 at 16:00 pm, Finnish Time.