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Expression of Interest for a transport NAMA project in Asia

Photo: Jørgen Schytte/Danida
Friday, 2 January, 2015
The project aims to strengthen the capacity of ADB’s Developing Member Countries to identify, develop and implement Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in the transport sector.

The consultants will (i) strengthen the capacity of Developing Member Countries (DMCs) in the region to identify, develop and implement transport NAMAs, (ii) explore carbon financing and other innovative funding opportunities as well as traditional funding such as loans and grants to support transport NAMAs submitted by DMCs to UNFCCC, and (iii) conduct capacity training workshops.

The consultants are expected to come up with (i) sets of recommendations for improvements of national and/or local transport NAMAs, (ii) deliver workshops and training sessions for capacity building of relevant national and local governments and line agencies in DMCs, and (iii) prepare financing plan for project-specific activities.

For the Terms of Reference and to apply, please visit ADB's Consultant Management System.

More information
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