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Lao Road Sector Consultancy Opportunity

Photo: Erik Holmqvist
Saturday, 11 March, 2017
Lao Road Sector Project 2 - Climate Resilient Road Planning, Asset Management Support and Capacity Building

Contract awarded to:
• Sweroad (Sweden)
• USD 3,136,750 exclusive of taxes
• Contract duration: 60 months


The Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Lao People's Democratic Republic is seeking a consultant for the Climate Resilient Road Planning, Asset Management Support and Capacity Building assignment, as part of the Lao Road Sector Project 2, co-financed by NDF and the World Bank. The consultant will assist the MPWT and other relevant actors with inter alia:

 (i)           Preparation of a climate change action plan for 2017-2025 in the transport sector (inter-modal) in Lao and English, as described in Lao PDR’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution;

(ii)           Support MPWT in its participation in the cross-ministerial National Disaster Management Committee;

(iii)          Operationalize existing hazard maps into practical vulnerability maps for planning of road infrastructure maintenance or investments in the six provinces, and present an implementation plan for how to roll this out nation-wide;

(iv)         Improve climate resilience aspects of planning tools;

(v)          Develop guidelines for planning and prioritization for road maintenance budgeting;

(vi)         Finalize standard operating procedures for emergency repair of roads;

(vii)        Support the preparation of five year rolling national road maintenance and improvement programs;

(viii)       Provide support to the for data collection;

(ix)         Conduct a training needs assessment;

(x)          Implement training; and

(xi)         Reporting.


The Request for Expressions of Interest can be found here: Lao Road Sector Project 2 REoI

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is 11 March 2017 16:00 Lao PDR time.