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Project Evaluators for the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF)

Photo: Morten Bo Johansen, Forests of the World
Sunday, 30 July, 2017
NDF is seeking 2 project evaluators to be a part of NCF’s Evaluation Committee. The application deadline is 30 July 2017.

NDF is seeking 2 project evaluators to be a part of NCF’s Evaluation Committee. The committee will evaluate and score proposals under NCF’s seventh call for proposals. The scope of the assignment and qualifications required can be found here: Terms of Reference

Procurement method: Selection of Individual Consultants

Selection criteria: (i) experience from evaluating and scoring project proposals for development funding;  (ii) working experience within areas such as climate change, climate change innovation, development financing and business development in low income countries; (iii) experience from working with challenge funds or similar type of programmes.

NDF will make a qualitative selection based on the submitted CVs, and will only contact those experts who have been selected for an interview (at the NDF offices in Helsinki or via video link).Please note that the NDF will make the selection at its own discretion, and according to its own internal rules for procurement, and that such selection cannot be appealed. For Selection of Individual Consultants, NDF does not have the possibility to provide feedback to non-selected experts on their CVs or the selection process.

Please submit CVs only to: NordicClimateFacility@ndf.fi  Only include information relevant to the assignment, and project records only for the last five (5) years. The CV shall be no longer than 4 pages in total.

In cases where firms propose individual experts, please note that only the qualifications of that individual will be taken into account, not the firm’s corporate experience. The contract will be signed directly with the individual expert.

For more information about the assignment, please contact the NCF Manager Emeli Möller at emeli.moller@ndf.fi