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Request for proposal for Engineering Firms, Modality of Master Service Agreement

Photo: Aage Jørgensen
Monday, 18 March, 2019

Inter-American Development Bank Invest is issuing this RFP to solicit proposals from qualified firms to enter an agreement with the Offeror(s) providing the overall best value to IDB Invest to provide Engineering Services (“Services”) as a third-party services provider as detailed in the Terms of Reference.

This RFP is intended to provide Offerors with sufficient understanding of IDB Invest’s requirements to enable them to respond. The IDB Invest intends to award one or several multi-year Master Services Agreements (“MSA”) to one or several successful Offerors for defined work without further competitive procurement formalities.

Proposals from Offerors will respond to the IDB Invest needs for various work order types as defined in Annex A. Pricing information submitted for all work order types by successful Offeror shall be used to price all future work orders that may be issued at a later date. Each subsequent work order submitted by the Successful Offeror for additional services must be negotiated and approved by the IDB Invest before being officially added to the MSA as approved work orders. The award of an MSA does not guarantee any amount to be expended and work orders will be issued and approved by the IIC on an as needed basis.

Reference Number: IDB Invest-19-001

Deadline: 18 March 2019 at 3:00 pm


Please use the following e-mail to request the full RFP document and the Terms of Reference.


Flor Del Cid at email: FLORD@IADB.ORG