NDF - Financing for climate change and development projects

Co-financing through strategic partnerships

NDF’s mandate requires a scale of investment that can only be partially delivered through its own resources.

For NDF, co-financing with strategic partners is a well-established way of working to leverage financing, knowledge and expertise. Strategic partnerships mean for NDF an effective way of engaging with partners who share our goals and commitments in the climate and development agenda, and with whom we can multiply our value add to this agenda. To respond to the growing needs in climate finance, NDF works closely with multilateral development banks, international development agencies, other multilateral and bilateral institutions, the private sector, and other emerging development partners to fund activities in line with the mandate and strategy.

In addition to its strategic partnerships with global actors, NDF supports and engages in collaboration opportunities and partnerships with other Nordic institutions, including the bilateral development finance institutions as well as the bilateral development aid agencies.


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