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Climate finance roadshow drives new partnerships across the Nordics

Photo: NDF
NCF Manager Emeli Möller presenting at Roadshow event in Reykjavik, at Promote Iceland
Photo: NDF
EEP Africa Project Officer Jussi Viding presenting at Roadshow event in Copenhagen, hosted by the Confederation of Danish Industry
Photo: NDF
Mikael Reims, Senior Manager at NEFCO, presenting at Roadshow event hosted by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth in Stockholm.

Early summer 2018, NDF took a lead role in staging a Nordic Roadshow to promote climate financing opportunities for small and medium-sized companies, while driving new levels of cooperation among Nordic associations and public sector organisations.

The Roadshow, which spanned all the Nordic capitals, was conducted in cooperation with local partners on the ground, including The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth; Norwegian Energy Partners; the Confederation of Danish Industry; Business Finland; and Promote Iceland.

Partnering with host, Promote Iceland, the Icelandic Foreign Ministry actively participated in organising the event in Reykjavik. Ministry for Foreign Affairs Advisor, Ragnhildur Arnórsdóttir praised the Roadshow series of events not only for advancing access to climate financing but for reaching new levels of regional cooperation:
“As an NDF funder, we’re excited to see strategic collaboration of this stature taking shape across the Nordics, putting the right financing tools together with innovative Nordic solutions to address climate change in developing economies.”

This Nordic cooperation was not only geographical, the Roadshow also served to strengthen ties among NDF’s flagship challenge funds, the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) and the Environment and Energy Partnership (EEP), together with sister financial institution the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO).

NCF is a challenge fund set up in 2009 to finance early-stage innovative climate change projects, while EEP is a multi-donor trust fund providing early-stage grant and catalytic financing to  clean energy projects, technologies and business models in Southern and East Africa. NEFCO provides results-based green financing to small and medium-sized projects.
“We definitely saw this enhanced cooperation among the complementary financing opportunities presented at the events as a core success factor for the Roadshow,” confirms NCF Project Officer, Johanna Zilliacus. “Success was also determined by our ability to expose a broad slate of funding types across many new partner networks, notably in the private sector.”

During the Copenhagen leg, the team joined up with the Confederation of Danish Industry, which works to improve opportunities for the growth and overall competitiveness of Danish businesses.

Jeppe Falck, Senior Advisor, Confederation of Danish Industry, described the response as extremely positive: “What I considered especially valuable for our network,” said Falck, “is that NDF and NEFCO presented a mutually complementary array of Nordic finance instruments, catering for Danish companies at different stages of business development. We look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial collaboration.”