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NDF response to COVID 19

Supporting the Nordic agenda to Build Back Better and Green (BBBG)
As the pandemic is changing the world in unprecedented ways, NDF is focusing on activities in supporting resilience to climate change and to Build Back Better and Green (BBBG). “NDF’s newly approved strategy has an increased focus on adaptation,” says Karin Isaksson, Managing Director of NDF. “Supporting resilient societies is key for better preparedness to cope with crises, including disasters triggered by natural hazards as well as epidemics and pandemics,” she continues. “Promoting long-term climate and disaster resilience will be vital for sustainable economic recovery after the pandemic.”
As the joint Nordic climate and development finance institution, NDF is well-positioned to coordinate and take an active role to further advance ambitions in sustainable green recovery. With its strong Nordic profile, NDF has accumulated a considerable amount of institutional knowledge, partnership relations and capacity within the field, and is therefore in the position to provide an efficient platform and advance Nordic leadership in addressing climate change and development challenges through financing, knowledge and partnerships.
Together with its network of strategic partners, NDF is identifying ways to support developing partner countries in the recovery phase. “Strong coordination and an active dialogue with our strategic partners and the partner countries is ongoing to meet the immediate needs and at the same time promoting green recovery measures,” says Leena Klossner, Vice President for Operations at NDF. “We are aiming to respond rapidly to the immediate needs and also to bridge towards more long-term and sustainable support,” she continues.
NDF’s existing portfolio of projects provide long-term solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation in supporting resilient societies. These activities continue to increase in relevance in the post-COVID world. For the immediate response, NDF has also facilitated actions in the project portfolio such as the NDF-managed Energy and Environment Partnership Trust Fund in Africa (EEP Africa). EEP has quickly adopted its activities to support its clean energy sector portfolio companies in Southern and East Africa to cope with the current situation.
“NDF is there to support the immediate recovery response to the COVID crisis, to provide bridging to the longer haul building back efforts to support and finance longer term sustainable climate change investments,” concludes Managing Director Karin Isaksson.