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NDF supports hydropower station and training centre in Tanzania

Photo: NDF
Photo: NDF
Photo: NDF

NDF’s Board has approved a EUR 0.5 million grant for the Kikuletwa Power Station and Hydropower Training Centre in Tanzania.

Only 24 percent of households in Tanzania have access to electricity. The problem is especially severe in northern Tanzania, where Kikuletwa River is situated. While Tanzania has significant hydropower potential, most is yet to be developed. By developing reliable, accessible and affordable energy, the project aims to facilitate growth in Tanzania while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Kikuletwa Hydropower Plant dates back to 1935, but has been out of operation since 1989. The project will construct a new 2 MW hydropower plant at Kikuletwa and rehabilitate the existing power plant for training purposes. The renovated facilities will be used to train professionals in the design and construction of hydropower plants.

With the new training centre, Arusha Technical College will be able to provide training programmes for technicians and artisans in hydropower engineering to build local capacity and support the hydropower industry. The project will thus help address the lack of local skills which is one of the key barriers to development of micro and small hydropower plants in Tanzania and in most African countries. There are currently no training institutions that provide hydropower related training in Tanzania. In addition, the centre will help produce essential research on problems associated with hydropower generation.

Representatives of NDF and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam visited Kikuletwa hydropower station and hydropower training centre and participated in the annual meeting in Arusha Technical College in June.

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