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At the Nexus of Climate Change and Marine Fisheries

Photo: World Bank
Handling the fish catch. Photo: World Bank
World Bank fisheries expert Berengere Prince presenting study results
World Bank fisheries expert Berengere Prince presenting study results

At the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi NDF participated in the presentation of early findings of a study on climate change impacts and fisheries 

As part of the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi, Kenya earlier this week, a special session focused on the presentation of a new study on climate change and fisheries in Africa. The study, led by the World Bank and co-financed by NDF, will be released in 2019.

The event brought together key stakeholders from Africa for a consultation on the early findings from the report At the Nexus of Climate Change and Marine Fisheries: A New Integrated Approach for Cost-Effective Poverty Reduction. At this early stage of development, the report focuses on i) stock-taking of available knowledge on the economic importance of marine fisheries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the populations that depend on them; ii) a bio-physical analysis of the impacts of climate change, as they have already been measured and how they are modelled to evolve ; iii) and, a set of preliminary estimates of vulnerability in marine fisheries. Moving forward, the report will provide a prioritised, cost-effective toolkit of policy options to guide investment to enhance resilience.

The event was organised and moderated by the World Bank and had a panel with representatives from the African Union Commission, Government of Kenya, FAO, World Bank, NDF, and research institutions. NDF Program Manager Aage Jørgensen highlighted that the way forward to address climate change impacts will be to invest in building socio-economic and natural resources resilience in coastal fishing communities. The focus should be on involving local fishing communities in the management and monitoring of their coastal and marine resources combined with investments in the fisheries value chain.

The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference, hosted by Kenya, Canada and Japan, took place in Nairobi, November 26-28, at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. More than 18,000 from 184 countries registered for the conference.

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