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West Africa Coastal Areas Program launched

Participants in the WACA launch
Participants in the WACA launch

Five ministers and eight high-level representatives from 13 African countries gathered in Dakar, Senegal on 8 November for the official launch of the WACA Program and WACA Platform.

The WACA Program helps countries access expertise and finance to sustainably manage their coastal areas. It was created in response to countries’ request for solutions and finance to help protect the social and economic assets of coastal areas against coastal erosion and flooding. The WACA Program includes a high-level investment platform to crowd in additional partners to mobilize the resources at the scale needed.

NDF was the first financing institution approving financing for WACA. NDF’s funding is aimed at improving climate resilience in coastal regions of Benin and Senegal. NDF’s support will also strengthen regional climate change cooperation through the WACA Platform to allow regional integration and joint action, test innovative financial instruments and involve the private sector.

The thirteen participating countries issued a communique after the meeting. A link to the full communique is found below.

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