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The Nordic Climate Facility’s (NCF’s) Results Report 2019 shows positive climate change and development results from grant-financed activities.

In 2019, seven NCF-financed projects were fully completed. The cross-cutting outcomes of these projects include enhanced income opportunities and the empowerment of women. 


Private Markets for Climate Resilience (PMCR) is the first initiative by development institutions to better understand climate resilience solutions provided by the private sector. The PMCR Global Report builds on the findings of national reports produced by the country teams as well as resilience dialogues held in each country. 

Read the report as a pdf here: PMCR Global Report

EEP Africa achieved its full operational stride under NDF management in 2019 with a growing portfolio of 45 projects and expanded focus on women in leadership and local entrepreneurs

Read the report as a pdf here: EEP Africa Trust Fund Annual Report 2019

The new strategy will focus on strong Nordic leadership in addressing climate change and development challenges

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The Annual Report for 2019 is now available

Read the report as a pdf here: NDF Annual Report 2019


NEFCO and NDF offer complementary financing for the implementation of early stage projects and business expansion activities aiming to promote green growth.

Our financing programmes have already helped a range of organisations to carry out their projects and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.


The multilateral development finance institution Nordic Development Fund (NDF), is well-functioning and adds value from an international perspective. However, it needs reforms to uphold its relevance. This concludes the evaluation published today: Joint Nordic Organisational Assessment of the Nordic Development Fund, NDF.

A decade ago, the Nordic Development Fund, NDF, received a new mandate: climate financing. Its’ investments need to contribute to reduced CO2 emissions or to climate change adaptation ever since.

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Read the report here: NDF Annual Report 2018


A diverse portfolio leads to diverse results. This is the central takeaway from the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) Results Report 2018.

NCF-financed projects have promoted women to take on leadership positions, provided support to low-income communities in starting small businesses, and provided tools for increasing the value of small-scale farmers’ agricultural produce.


Blended financing the theme for 2018

The report highlights the operational activities and results from 2018, based on the Results-based Management Framework.


New NDF publication on the role of challenge funds in spurring climate innovation        

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The Annual Report for 2017 is now available

Read the report as a pdf here: NDF Annual Report 2017


The NCF Results Report 2017 is now available online.

The Nordic Climate Facility Results Report 2017 covers results from the overall NCF portfolio and highlights from projects completed in 2017.


The summary report shows strong results for NDF's activities

The report profiles NDF’s activities and results during 2017 based on the Results-based Management Framework, and with focus on results at the institutional level, at the portfolio level, and for individual projects.


The publication, produced by the Nordic Council of Ministers, focuses on actions taken by the Nordic countries to speed the transition to a sustainable low-carbon society.

The publication shows how sustainable development is possible, with strong climate policies contributing to economic growth and job creation as well as environmental improvements.


The 2016 Annual Review for the Nordic Climate Facility's calls 1 to 4 has been published.

The Annual Review covers calls 1-4, which are administered by NEFCO. At the end of 2016, 36 out of 51 NCF1-4 projects were fully completed.


A summary report of NDF’s 2016 activities and results is now available online.

During 2016, nine NDF-backed climate-related projects reached completion. Brief summaries of the results of these projects are presented in the report, which also summarises NDF and NCF’s operational highlights of last year.

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The Nordic Development Fund's Annual Report for 2016 is now available for download.

PDF can be found below, and the report can also be read online.

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Read about NCF's activities in 2016 in the Annual Report, which covers calls 5–9.