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The EEP Mekong launched a first Call for Proposals in December 2009 and the response to the first call was extremely positive.

The Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) Mekong (2009-2012) aims at supporting wider provision and use of renewable energy by facilitating renewable energy and energy efficiency related cooperation, dialogue and experience sharing among diffe


NDF supports integration of climate change aspects in water and sanitation programme in Senegal.

The World Bank PEPAM project aims at increasing access to sustainable water and sanitation services.


NDF will participate in the GreenPyme programme to promote energy efficiency among small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) in Central America.

The NDF Board approved in March a grant of EUR 2.2 million for the programme. The programme focuses on information dissemination and training targeted towards SMEs, energy auditors, financiers and authorities.


The Nordic Climate Facility, launched in autumn 2009, has attracted great interest. The facility supports technology and know-how exchange between the Nordic countries and low-income countries in the area of climate change.

The response to the first call for proposals was larger than expected. A total of 138 applications were received, of which 33 projects have been shortlisted for full proposals.


The first Call for Proposals under the EEP Mekong attracted wide interest.

The first call for proposals in the Mekong Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) is now closed. More than 150 project ideas were received and the eligibility check and screening of the proposals is under way.

Procurement specialists Bernhard Zentgraf and Omar Tiwana from Asian Development Bank

NDF organizes a special Procurement Seminar

NDF arranged a special procurement seminar in Helsinki from the 27 to 29 January 2010.


The call for project proposals for the newly-established Nordic Climate Facility, was officially launched on Monday before the three-day 61st Nordic Council meeting, which starts in Stockholm on 27 October.

The Nordic Climate Facility, which is financed by the Nordic Development Fund and implemented jointly with NEFCO, provides funding for projects that have a potential to combat climate change and reduce poverty in low-income countries.


The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) has pledged four million euros for a new Nordic Climate Facility (NCF).

The new financing facility, which is a cooperative venture between NDF and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation, NEFCO, was launched today to coincide with the Nordic Climate Solutions Conference, which is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark,


At its meeting on 8 September the Board of Directors of the Nordic Development Fund approved grant financing for over 14 million euro for climate investments in developing countries.

In Uganda, NDF supports solar energy with 3 million euro. The project aims at enabling the use of solar energy at health centres and for water distribution in rural areas.


A new focus for the Nordic Development Fund

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF), the joint development finance institution of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), has received a new mandate.