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Expired tender notices

Photo: Jbdodane Creative Commons
Tuesday, 24 October, 2017
NDF is seeking an individual consultant for a potential assignment in Francophone West Africa.
Photo: Gora NDIAYE, ADM
Monday, 23 October, 2017
The procurement relates to the installation of a Geographical Information System (GIS) for the peri-urban areas of Dakar (Pikine, Guediawaye)
Photo: Filip Milovac, WorldFish https://flic.kr/p/uwHVuH
Monday, 14 August, 2017
Call of Expressions of Interest to provide consultancy services for Socio-Economic and Environmental Diagnosis and Alternative Livelihoods Identification
Photo: Rwanda Government, https://flic.kr/p/dZu5Zz
Friday, 11 August, 2017
Call for Expressions of Interest in providing consultancy services for the developing capacity for climate resilient road transport infrastructure.
Wednesday, 26 July, 2017
Call for Expression of Interest - Consultancy Services for Mid-Term Review of the “Road Sector Support Program: Developing Adaptive Capacity for Climate Change”, in Nicaragua.
Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP)
Wednesday, 26 July, 2017
NDF is seeking Expressions of Interest from qualified firms to undertake the role of Service Provider to the planned Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) Trust Fund.
Photo: Morten Bo Johansen, Forests of the World
Sunday, 30 July, 2017
NDF is seeking 2 project evaluators to be a part of NCF’s Evaluation Committee. The application deadline is 30 July 2017.
Tuesday, 20 June, 2017
Deadline: June 20 2017 at 10:00 a.m. local time, Nairobi, Kenya. Electronic proposals are not allowed and bids must be accompanied by a security amount of EUR 50,000.
Thursday, 11 May, 2017
The main responsibility is to help with the daily work in the office. The work is conducted on an hourly basis, approximately 2-3 days/week starting during the summer of 2017.
Photo: NDF
Wednesday, 24 May, 2017
Deadline: May 24 2017 at 15:00 local time, La Paz, Bolivia. Electronic proposals are not allowed.