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Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation of Adaptation Investments [NDF C85]

Kampong Phluk, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Kampong Phluk, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Photo: Creative Commons
This project aims to strengthen the capacity of Cambodian ministries monitor and evaluate climate change adaptation investments.

Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation of Adaptation Investments
Project ref: C85

NDF contribution: EUR 450,000
Total project cost: approximately USD 1,250,000
Project period: 3 years
Partner agency: ADB


The proposed TA on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to the TA 8179 aims to strengthen capacity of the Ministry of Planning (MOP) and other line ministries to integrate M&E considerations in climate change adaptation investments with specific objectives listed below:

  • (i) To strengthen the capacity of the National Institute of Statistics (NIS)/MOP in: (a) coordinating M&E efforts on adaptation with relevant ministries and other donor funded programs such as Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA), (b) improving its baseline data collection system, (c) integrating adaptation-related indicators into national, sector and project level M&E systems, and (d) establishing a harmonized M&E system that aligns with the revised PPCR results framework;
  • (ii) To develop operational guidelines and manuals on monitoring, reporting and evaluation of climate adaptation investments for improving awareness within line ministries; and
  • (iii) To strengthen the capacity of non-governmental and civil society organizations in monitoring and evaluating adaptation investments. These organizations have been selected as part of a separate ABD TA focusing on supporting such organizations. That TA is being implemented by Plan International Cambodia.

The technical assistance project will comprise at least the following activities and result in the following outputs:

  • Baseline data collection systems for adaptation indicators strengthened;
  • Operational guidelines and knowledge products for climate change M&E developed;
  • Adaptation-related indicators integrated into national, sector and project level planning; and Capacity of non-governmental and civil society organizations on climate change M&E enhanced.

The project, which will be implemented by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), is connected to an existing ADB technical assistance project on Mainstreaming Climate Resilience into Development Planning.

Monitoring and evaluation is important in order to learn from prior and ongoing projects, and use lessons learned in the planning of new projects. The intended impact of this is more efficient and effective climate change adaptation projects, reaching those most in need in an efficient manner while keeping costs down. While Cambodian authorities are working to strengthen monitoring and evaluation, as well as overall project planning and implementation capacity, it is good to develop sector specific guidelines and capacity.


The project is co-funded with the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience under the Climate Investment Funds framework, bringing the total project cost to approximately USD 1,250,000.

NDF Contact

Project Officer Jussi Viding
Telephone +358 10 618 0466

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